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If you just bought a Sony Ericsson XPERIA it can be good thing to check whether its simlocked or not. The procedure to check if a Sony is locked to a carrier is not described in the manual and uses a special code to enter a menu where this easily can be determined

 With the phone powered on:

Open the dialer and enter the following sequence:


Now a menu will appear with a collection of sub-menus.

 Choose the menu: SERVICE INFO.

 Choose the menu: SIMLOCK.

In the SIMLOCK menu there will be 5 rows:

[] Network
[] Network subset
[] Service provider
[] Corporate
[] SIM

If there is one or more rows marked by an “X” , that means that your Sony XPERIA is locked to a carrier. If all the rows are “empty” then your Sony XPERIA is locked to a carrier and you can change simcard in it as you wish. This method is universal at least for all phones in the XPERIA series.

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