Visualizing hedge's Results

Use one of

Using Visit

If you're using the 32-bit binary of Visit 1.12, go to /lib or wherever these libraries are and create these two symbolic links:

to work around a bug.

Using Remote Visit from hpcgeek

On your local machine in .ssh/config, have a section like this:

Host hpcgeek*
  ForwardX11 no
  User kloeckner
  ProxyCommand ssh ccv nc hpcgeek 22

(The star at the end is important.)

Make sure your version of Visit matches the one on hpcgeek. Currently, hpcgeek is on VisIt 1.12.

To view the results from hpcgeek you have to make some settings in your local VisIt-installation:


Further, in advanced options check "tunnel through ssh".

To open/select a file you have to change to this host:


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