Run Hedge on OSCAR using a preexisting Hedge installation

So you already have Hedge working on some machine, and now you want to run the code on OSCAR with minimal effort. To do this...

  1. tar your src folder using 'tar -cf src.tar src/'
  2. sftp into ccv to put src.tar
  3. from ccv sftp into oscar to put src.tar
  4. untar in your folder of choice with 'tar -xf src.tar'
  5. 'source ~kloeckner/add-soft-env'
  6. in src 'eval $(./repotool env)
  7. in src './repotool start-over'

Now you will be able to run Hedge as usual. It is recommended you add steps 6 and 7 to your startup file .bashrc. It has been observed that upon executing 'source ~kloeckner/add-soft-env' vim will no longer behave as expected. A simple fix is to copy add-soft-env into your home directory, and use the following line instead: 'export PATH=$MACHROOT/cuda/bin:~kloeckner/pool/visit/bin:$PATH:$MACHROOT/bin'. Note that $MACHROOT/bin is now searched last.

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