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[DIFF] 22:43 [INFO] AndreasKloeckner
[DIFF] 16:39 [INFO] ::ffff:84 Fixed URL for Apple OpenCL Documentation
[DIFF] 06:03 [INFO] ::ffff:100 added notes for some issues I encountered
[DIFF] 19:06 [INFO] AndreasKloeckner
[DIFF] 12:08 [INFO] ::ffff:87 Updates for OSX 10.10.1
[DIFF] 23:18 [INFO] AndreasKloeckner [1]
::ffff:213 [2]
#01 Revert to revision 3.
#02 USA
[DELETED] 19:19 [INFO] AndreasKloeckner [1]
::ffff:80 [2]
[DIFF] 14:18 [INFO] AndreasKloeckner [1]
::ffff:5 [2]
#01 Revert to revision 54.
[DIFF] 11:20 [INFO] Antispam subsystem
[DIFF] 23:23 [INFO] ::ffff:205 Dec 15, 2014: bugfix for CUDA v4.0+: remove .set_block_shape() calls, move x_block into prepared_call(). removed block from prepare() call.
[DIFF] 22:37 [INFO] ::ffff:205 Dec 15, 2012: bugfix: replace gpu_array.attr("gpud ata") with gpu_array.attr("ptr" )
[DIFF] 22:34 [INFO] ::ffff:205 Dec 15, 2014: updated prepare() and prepared_call() to CUDA v4.0+ calling convention
[DIFF] 22:29 [INFO] ::ffff:205 remove extraneous period at top of file
[DIFF] 22:27 [INFO] ::ffff:205 bugfix: convert grid, block arguments from list to tuple
[DIFF] 22:22 [INFO] ::ffff:205 Dec 15, 2014. fixed segfault by changing copy.src_pitch to copy.dst_pitch and copy.src_height to copy.dst_height in array_to_numpy3d().


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